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Embark on a poetic journey where every stanza tells a story, evokes deep emotions, and reflects the essence of our human experiences. In our 4 line urdu poetry, you’ll find a seamless blend of concise narrative and emotional depth. For a deeper exploration of sorrow, delve into our Sad Poetry, or celebrate the power of love with verses from our Love Poetry collection. Discover the brevity of expression in our 2 Line Poetry and the profound reflections of our Deep Poetry. Additionally, explore our library with a diverse selection of Islamic books and poetry books.

4 line poetry


کس کس کو بتائیں گے جدائی کا سبب ہم
تو مجھ سے خفا ہے تو زمانے کے لیے آ
اک عمر سے ہوں لذت گریہ سے بھی محروم
اے راحت جاں مجھ کو رلانے کے لیے آ


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